Greenway USA: Connecting Construction

Connecting Construction in new and innovate ways to transform your next project into a state of the art space with the latest technology.

To say technology has changed the world in just a few short years is an understatement.  While the first skyscraper was built in Chicago in 1885, approximately 100 years before the internet became commercially available, the construction industry has been able to plod along without embracing the possibilities through the use of ever-evolving technology. 


More than one-third of companies spend less than 1 percent of their revenue on technology, and more than half spend less than 2 percent.  Though the industry has proven it’s understanding of the advantages of advancing its methodologies over the last century through engineering feats by adopting newer construction methods that use sophisticated building modeling, 3D printed building materials, and prefabricated facades or modular buildings---the adoption of new technologies has continued to lag in comparison. 


Greenway USA isn’t afraid to do things differently.


The Greenway USA Digital Disruption (D2) Initiative was created to force change in our industry; to collaborate with and support the best innovators from a technological standpoint.  At Greenway USA, we see the advantage and embrace technology internally to help improve our efficiencies, processes, and procedures.  We work externally with other contractors/vendors and key leaders within the industry to provide the latest and greatest offerings to the clients we serve. 

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