Greenway Phone System

Internal Calls

·       Suzanne Bitetti EXT 101 – Main line/admin desk – 646-833-7127

·       Matthew P. Nolty – EXT 102

·       Cindy Haugland – EXT 103

·       Tom DiMarco – EXT 104

·       Conference Phone – EXT 105

To call the person at their desk just type the extension number and then press “send” or #.

To place outgoing calls just type the number then press send or wait 2 seconds.

 Incoming Calls

To transfer a call to a specific person press line then their extension followed by # 

To park a call for anyone to pickup press more then press park. It will say the extension that anyone can pickup from. (Example: *800)

To pickup a parked call just press the number it was parked on (Ex. *800) and you will be connected to that caller

 Other Features

To talk to another desk through the intercom type in their extension number followed by #.

After placing a phone call you frequently call. Go to Directory >Recent Calls >Scroll and press on the phone number you wish to add. Afterwards you can quick dial to anyone in you directory.


Greenway Main Number: 646-833-7127